Digital accessibility at UU直播

Making our digital spaces accessible

At UU直播 we aim to create an accessible, diverse, and inclusive campus, and this听includes our digital spaces. UU直播 adheres to the .

This is one way we are addressing equity at UU直播 and ensuring that faculty, staff and students with disabilities can rely on accessible digital resources. Accessibility is an ever evolving field and we continue to learn and implement inclusive best practices.

Resources for content creators

Guidelines and resources to make your content accessible.

for faculty

Tools for providing accessible course content.

for developers

Best practices for building accessible applications and tools.

Is your site accessible?

Evaluation tools

Validation tools

UU直播 websites are tested using the following technologies:

  • Google Chrome WAVE Evaluation Tool, version 3.0.9
  • Google Chrome WCAG Color contrast checker, version 3.5.4
  • VoiceOver for macOS Catalina


The following icons are used on UU直播 websites:

Play button icon听Play button

Menu toggle icon Menu toggler

Magnifying glass search icon听Search

House home icon听Homepage

Up arrow icon听Top of page

Close X icon听Close

Plus icon听Open a section

Minus icon听Close a section

Previous month left arrow icon听Previous month

Next month right arrow icon听Next month

Highlight i icon听Highlight

PDF file icon听PDF file

Document icon听Document

Envelope contact icon听Contact button


Requests that are received by this form that are not related to will not be responded to. If you have questions concerning admissions, please contact UU直播 Service Point. If you require help with an IT-related issue go to the .

If you have difficulty navigating our websites, contact us using the following form:

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