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This听site was designed to provide the whole UU直播 community, including students, academics and non-academic staff with basic information about family care, on campus and beyond. Resources provided on childcare, schooling, student parents, eldercare and healthcare are meant to be a starting point for searching and comparing services, not an exhaustive list. The website was created and is maintained by the Subcommittee on Family Care.听Note that the information provided is not endorsed in any way by UU直播.

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This group was created for all UU直播 Parents and Guardians to share resources, tips, events, and have a place to ask questions and share experiences about navigating childcare, and other aspects of caregiving while studying or working at UU直播. Please be aware听that the posts you share will be seen by other members of this group which could include students, faculty and staff of the UU直播 community. As this is a newly created group, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome!听

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Our Family Care sub-committee aims to be inclusive in bringing together a number of ideas for you, our wonderfully diverse UU直播 community. We hope everyone will find something that appeals. Please let us know of your own favourite resources, questions or if you couldn鈥檛 find something and would like to let us know. We will do our best to get back to you!

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