7 Research Excellence Themes, including AI and Genomics
99 International research partnering countries听

Martha Crago with the city of Montreal in the background

About Research and Innovation (R+I)

Under the leadership of听Professor Martha Crago, Vice-President, Research and Innovation,听R+I is UU直播's听support hub for research activities.听

Bernadette Rebeiro smiling at something behind the camera in the Brunner lab.

Conduct Research

Find funding opportunities, important information, tools, and resources for UU直播 researchers and innovators.

The audience clapping during the Bravo 2022 gala ceremony.

Prizes and Awards

Award-winning research starts here.

Lab technician holding up a test tube with a red liquid to her eye


Bringing together researchers and industry partners to transform fundamental research into real-world impact.

Strategic Research Plan

The Strategic Research Plan (SRP) expresses UU直播鈥檚 core commitments to research.

Upcoming Events

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